on path

"T" is for Turn fast, the last step in R.I.O.T Hitting. In this phase the focus will be to turn and burn! We will train our athletes to create dynamic, explosive movements through the ball, maximizing angular velocity and degrees of rotation. 


Rotational, Intent, On path, Turn fast, Hitting focuses on the body's natural movements, Bio-mechanics and Physics while incorporating advance slow-motion video when evaluating and training young hitters. With the understanding that each player has different "Degrees of Freedom", R.I.O.T Hitting trains it's players to become dynamic, explosive, free moving elite athletes.

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"I" is for Intent, the first step in R.I.O.T Hitting. In this phase we will focus on anticipation, proper posture, ground forces, shoulder separation, radial/ulner deviation, forward momentum and heel thrust.

"O" is for On path, the second step in R.I.O.T Hitting.  In this phase we will focus on turning the barrel into the ball with authentic posture, getting on path, core connection and angular velocity.

turn fast

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