Bad Advice From The Pros

Myth vs. reality

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Jose Canseco, one of the greatest power hitters the game has ever known. Giving hitting advice that is the complete opposite of the way he actually swung the bat in games. A prime example of established professionals, not understanding their own swing mechanics. His advice in his video tutorial is to keep the front shoulder closed through the swing and throw the arms forward "extremely strong" to the ball. Notice how this approach to the ball is causing him to roll over every swing and hit the bottom of the net. Even when he does it slowly, he's still rolling over. If this is the kind of hitting advice you are receiving and are frustrated by inconsistent results, it's time to join R.I.O.T Hitting Nation.  


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​​​Myth: Pro hitters swing the bat directly down to the ball

Reality: Pro hitters get the barrel on path with the ball early

Myth: Pro hitters "squash the bug" by turning their back foot to rotate the hips

Reality: Pro hitters create tremendous angular velocity and super hip thrust which in most cases causes the back foot to come off the ground

Myth: Optimal contact position is with the arms extended out in front

Reality: Optimal contact position is with the top arm connected to the core at 90 degrees

Myth: Pro hitters do not move forward towards the pitch

Reality: Forward momentum is an essential component of the swing in order to generate bat speed, quickness and power

Myth: Pro hitters get their front foot down early

Reality: Pro hitters have great timing and anticipation. They get their foot up on time, creating an athletic dynamic swing

*There are many more misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding the professional baseball swing. But with the advances in slow-motion video and Sports Bio-mechanics, R.I.O.T Hitting will look to lead the revolution against misinformation within the baseball community in New York City.