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Embracing Failure And Overcoming Obstacles On The Road To Success

There Are Six (6) Core Principles

To The Green Hitting Curriculum

1. Anticipation
2. Bat Path
3. Bat Quickness
4. Bat Speed
5. Bat Adjustability
6. Impulse Flexibility

Learning each step properly takes time and patience. I understand that each player is different and learn at different speeds. I don't cookie cut players and my method is not meant as a temporary band-aid. All players, as well as parents must understand that R.I.O.T Hitting is a PROCESS*


Swing Analysis

The Clock Is Ticking

​​​Left to Right: R.I.O.T Hitting Founder Rob Benjamin (Left) with Kyle Wagner (Founder GoWags Baseball and Green Light Hitting), and Adam Virant (Director of Operations, Bulldogs Baseball NYC) 

Is your hitting instructor analyzing your swing every hitting session? If the answer is no, let us analyze it for you. Swing Analysis is now available from Coach Rob. Find out what aspect of your swing you need to work on in order to find success on the ball field. Don't wait until it's too late, the clock is ticking.

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